Everythingdci project deadline!

Hey guys, remember that all submissions are due next Tuesday (4/22) unless you specifically ask me for more time!
This saturday I will send out a list of people who signed up as a reminder.
Thanks again for all your support for the everything dci project:)
(I will still take entries if you didnt sign up but are interested.)

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Round Rock High School Color Guard Scholastic Open 2014 WGI Finals - Dayton, Ohio - Fifth Place (En Nebulum)

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Favorite DCI openers part 1/???: Crossmen 2012, Fragile

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From Phantom Regiment’s latest video (x)

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The Academy 2014 - March Camp

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I love it when people are passionate about something and devote themselves to achieving their goals. All of you who bust your butt to be the best musician and person you can be are amazing and truly inspire me to keep following my own dreams. Here’s a thanks to all the people who inspire us to do whatever we can to do what we love.

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Colts 2014 Show Announcement (x)

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(bold ones are the new ones added to the list)

DCI World Class

  • Blue Stars - Where the Heart Is
  • The Cadets - Promise: An American Portrait
  • The Cavaliers - Immortal
  • The Colts - Dark Side of the Rainbow
  • Jersey Surf - Pay it Forward
  • Mandarins - UnbreakABLE: The Human Spirit is Limitless
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